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Matthew L. Mintz, MD, FACP

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Anyone who’s been on the weight loss yo-yo knows the frustration of following a diet, only to have the pounds pack back on. Dr. Matthew Mintz has struggled personally with weight issues and knows what it's like. While there is no easy solution to a healthy weight, Dr. Mintz will work with you to help you achieve your goals. The key is using prescription medications like Ozempic, Weygovy, or Mounjaro, which in addition to lifestyle changes which can achieve weight loss close to what you might see with surgery. Dr. Mintz, located in Bethesda, Maryland, doesn’t market powders and shakes. Instead, he uses proven methods and gives you the support you need to succeed. Dr. Mintz welcomes all patients from Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Chevy Chase, and the surrounding areas of Washington D.C., and Virginia. Call or book a consultation online today.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

Why Do Most Weight Loss Programs Fail?

Diet and exercise are key to losing weight. There is no “magic pill” that can achieve weight loss without both. However, diet and exercise alone are usually not enough. This is because the human body has evolved over time to prevent you from losing weight. The body does this through a complex network of biochemicals and receptors. While these mechanisms were protective hundreds of years ago when famine and starvation were real threats to humans, today they just make weight loss extremely difficult. In fact, the older you are and the longer you have been overweight, the harder it is to lose that weight.

How does Dr. Mintz' medical weight loss programs work?

Dr. Mintz is able to help patients achieve weight loss success by combing diet and exercise
with prescription medications like Ozempic, Weygovy, or Mounjaro that help to counteract some of the
factors that prevent weight loss. Dr. Mintz will take your lifestyle, habits, and tendencies into account, and help pick lifestyle changes and medications that will ensure your success. During this 12 month program, you have an initial comprehensive evaluation and continual monitoring.

Dr. Mintz will discuss diet and exercise plans that are realistic for your life, will work with you to customize a diet and exercise program that works for you, and prescribe the best weight loss medication(s) to ensure that you not only lose the weight, but keep it off.

What you won’t get with Dr. Mintz's medical weight loss program are high-pressure sales pitches powders, mixes, and food in addition to the medical supervision found in many other weight loss programs.

How much weight can I lose?

While everyone is different, new prescription medications like Weygovy, Ozempic or Mounjaro work far better than previous weight loss pills. For example, studies have shown that patients on Mounjaro achieved an average loss of 60% of their excess weight in over a year. This is not that much different from the expected weight loss seen with obesity surgery, such as gastric bypass, that can achieve about 70% of excess weight in over a year.

Again, whether surgery or medication, there is no “magic bullet.  Staying on track with diet an exercise is key to success, which is why Dr. Mintz will help customize a weight loss program specifically for you, and follow up with you regularly to ensure you achieve these goals.

What is Included?

  • An initial, in-person comprehensive evaluation and customized weight loss plan
  • Follow-up visits (in-person or virtual) at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months.
  • 1 year of phone call/email service to answer any questions or troubleshoot problems.
  • Initial blood work
  • 1 year of prescription medications for weight loss, such as Ozempic or Mounjaro.

How Much Does this Cost? Is it Covered by my Insurance?

The fee for Dr. Mintz’ medical weight loss program is $1000. This includes everything except for blood work and medications. While Dr. Mintz doesn’t accept insurance, he can give you an invoice to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Blood work is drawn in Dr. Mintz’ office, and most insurances cover the entire cost of the labs ( your insurance may charge you a co-pay). Dr. Mintz prescribes a variety of weight loss medications, and many of them are also covered by insurance. As with most prescriptions, a co-pay may apply.


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